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I simply don’t get people who want to accept Jesus’ teachings as wonderful, but think belief in Jesus’ resurrection is woeful. Follow Him but don’t worship Him? PICTURE: artplus/iStockphoto. “Would you take investment advice from someone who went bankrupt?” Why would you take life advice from someone whose life was an abject failure? It doesn’t make sense. If Jesus’ […]


Ireland church Jesus on the Cross

There’s something most of us fear more than death. Something we avoid at all costs. Something that makes our very souls shake: Shame. PICTURE: K Mitch Hodge/Unsplash Shame induces trauma in us. Those dark places we don’t want anyone to know about. Failure, divorce, abuse, addiction. How can we show our face again? How can […]

Shadow of war hangs over Ethiopia’s Meskel festival celebrations

Ethiopia Addis Ababa Meskel festival celebration

Addis Ababa, EthiopiaReuters The shadow of war hung over Ethiopia’s Meskel festival in Addis Ababa on Tuesday, with high security, low turnout and Orthodox Christian priests calling for peace and forgiveness in their sermons. The event – usually a joyous affair where huge crowds gather around bonfires – marks the moment when the 4th century […]


Person sitting under a cross2

I can understand why people think Christians are delusional. Have you heard how we speak? “Trust God despite the circumstances.” PICTURE: Daniel Joshua/Unsplash We trust that God is there even when we don’t see it – especially when we don’t see it. There’s a word for that – delusional. Trust that God loves you when He’s […]

Sight-Seeing: Lent – for a time such as this

Cross draped in cloth

NILS VON KALM says Lent this year is  “a time to lament, maybe even to mourn, as we remember during this Lenten period that the Son of God Himself wasn’t even spared death”…

Cross in Jaegermeister brand bearable for Christians – Swiss court

Swiss Jaegermeister

Zurich, SwitzerlandReuters A Swiss court granted German liquor maker Mast-Jaegermeister brand protection for its logo displaying a stag with a cross between its antlers, saying the symbol was unlikely to offend Christians’ religious feelings. In the ruling published on Monday, the Federal Administrative Court overruled the Swiss patent office’s refusal to protect the logo for […]

Cross in seal of US county ‘plainly constitutional,’ rules appeals court

Lehigh County seal

RNS A federal appeals court in the US has ruled in favor of a Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, seal that contains a cross, citing a recent Supreme Court decision. The unanimous ruling by the 3rd US Circuit Court of Appeals, issued Thursday, overturns a lower court decision that found the seal violated the establishment clause of […]