The Statistic

26th May, 2017
Number of NATO countries which failed to meet their agreed defence spending target of two per cent of GDP in 2016: 23 (of 28 - only the US, UK, Greece, Poland and Estonia made the target)
Source: The Economist


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26th May, 2017
ADMITTED: By the US that at least 105 civilians were killed during airstrikes in western Mosul in a 17th March attack with 36 people still unaccounted for.
DROWNED: More than 30 people after falling from an overcrowded boat carrying an estimated 500 to 700 people looking to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe, off the coast of Libya


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MARIANNE EJDERSTEN, director of communication at the World Council of Churches, reflects on responses to the Global Day of Prayer to End Famine...

CLAIRE ROGERS, CEO of World Vision Australia, explains why the organisation is supporting the Global Day of Prayer to End Famine...

US academic RICHARD GUNDERMAN, in an article originally published on The Conversation, looks at Luther's contribution to literacy...

They Said It

"[I]n this new world that we live in, we can’t isolate ourselves, we can’t hide behind a wall."
- Former US President Barack Obama, appearing in Germany with Chancellor Angela Merkel, before a crowd of 70,000 (as quoted in the Guardian).


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This Week on the Web

22nd May, 2017
In an article written for the Lausanne Movement's Lausanne Global Analysis, SAM GEORGE looks at whether God is turning the refugee crisis in Europe into one of the "greatest mission opportunities". Read Is God Reviving Europe Through Refugees?...


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The Word Explained

22nd May, 2017
(Fall from) grace: To lose status, respect, protection, prestige, and/or approval. Stems from Adam and Eve's loss of God's protection and approval in Eden.


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