The Statistic

23rd February, 2017
Distance of star Trappist-1 (which NASA says is orbited by seven planets) from Earth: About 40 light years
Source: NASA


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23rd February, 2017
FOUND: By NASA, the first known solar system featuring seven Earth-size planets, three of which are located in the "habitable zone", around a single star.
HANDED DOWN: A controversial decision by Australia's Fair Work Commission to reduce some Sunday and public holiday penalty rates for workers in hospitality, retail and fast-food industries.


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In an article first published by Religion News Service, JOHN FEA, who teaches American history at Messiah College in the US, says the current divide in views among Americans evangelicals is nothing new but adds that the split over President Trump's immigration policies does reveal some "serious problems"...

Against the backdrop of global protests against US President Donald Trump's controversial immigration policies, NILS VON KALM argues that protesting against something is never enough and that to really bring about change, people need to be shown a better alternative...

In an article first published by Religion News Service, TIM BREENE, CEO of US humanitarian organisation World Relief, says Americans should not compromise their compassion in their treatment of those who are suffering...

They Said It

"The Mexican Government will not hesitate in going to international organisations, starting with the United Nations, to defend human rights, liberties and due process for Mexicans abroad according to international law."
- Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray, speaking on 22nd February in a reference to US treatment of Mexican citizens (as quoted on BBC). His comments come ahead of a planned visit by two top US officials to Mexico to talk about the new immigration policies.


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This Week on the Web

21st February, 2017
In an article published on the UK-based Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics, James W Skillen, founder and former president of the Center for Public Justice in Washington, DC, and James R Skillen, assistant professor of environmental studies at Calvin College in Michigan in the US, give their take on the presidency of Donald Trump. Read The Trump Presidency: Everything Up For Grabs...

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The Word Explained

20th February, 2017
Desecrate: To divest or violate the holy and sacred character of a place or object.   


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