The Statistic

9th December, 2016
Estimated cost of gifts in the 12 Days of Christmas, 2016: $US34,363.49 (up 0.7 per cent on last year)
Source: PNC Wealth Management's annual Christmas Price Index


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9th December, 2016
SHAKEN: The Solomon Islands, by a magnitude 7.8 earthquake, which struck about 130 kilometres from the capital Honiara at about 4.40am on 9th December.
DIED: Former US astronaut and US Senator John Glenn, at the age of 95. Glenn became the first American to orbit the earth in 1962 and the oldest man to go into space, at aged 77, in 1998.


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ROBERT DUNN, chief executive of Opportunity International Australia, on why he welcomes the new tick of approval regime for registered Australian charities...

Christians from across Australia and the Pacific gathered in Canberra this month to meet with MPs and discuss issues like climate change, refugees and global poverty at Micah Australia's annual Voices for Justice event. Here, two Western Australians, KERRY POVEY and JAN THORPE, reflect on the event...

MAL FLETCHER, writing from London, says political correctness has gone too far in "hyper-nurturing" our children...

They Said It

“In many parts of the Western world disadvantage is now an intergenerational reality, and all the aspirations that we once commonly shared, that we might, irrespective of how we were born into society, have an opportunity through the education system to achieve the things that might have been our potential, for an increasing number of people that doesn’t seem to be how it works anymore.”
- Archbishop Philip Freier, Anglican primate of Australia, speaking at an 'Archbishop’s Conversation' event held on 30th November, 2016, at Federation Square in Melbourne (as quoted in The Melbourne Anglican on 6th December, 2016)


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This Week on the Web

30th November, 2016
Longriders Christian Motorcycle Club recently opened a new chapter in Mount Gambier in South Australia. The ABC's KATE HILL talks to the bikers about their faith - and their passion for motorcycles - in this article, Biker Church: An unconventional house of God...

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The Word Explained

5th December, 2016
Messianic Age: The era when the Gospel is proclaimed from the time of Christ until the end prophesied in Revelation.


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