The Statistic

2nd December, 2016
Proportion of people around the world who suffer from malnutrition: 1 in 3
Source: FAO


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2nd December, 2016
NOT SEEKING: Re-election, French President Francois Hollande who has said he won't stand for a second term as the nation's president in a surprise move ahead of an election next year.
OUTNUMBERED: Cars, on the streets of the Danish capital of Copenhagen, by bicycles, for the first time.


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Christians from across Australia and the Pacific gathered in Canberra this month to meet with MPs and discuss issues like climate change, refugees and global poverty at Micah Australia's annual Voices for Justice event. Here, two Western Australians, KERRY POVEY and JAN THORPE, reflect on the event...

MAL FLETCHER, writing from London, says political correctness has gone too far in "hyper-nurturing" our children...

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (also marked as White Ribbon Day), Dr JOHN STEWARD says its time for every man and boy to take a look within themselves - and listen to those closest to them...

They Said It

"On behalf of the United Nations, I want to say very clearly we apologise to the Haitian people. We simply did not do enough with regard to the cholera outbreak and its spread in Haiti. We are profoundly sorry for our role."
- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon over the organisation's role in the deadly cholera outbreak which has killed around 10,000 people in the nation since 2010.


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This Week on the Web

30th November, 2016
Longriders Christian Motorcycle Club recently opened a new chapter in Mount Gambier in South Australia. The ABC's KATE HILL talks to the bikers about their faith - and their passion for motorcycles - in this article, Biker Church: An unconventional house of God...

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The Word Explained

28th November, 2016
The front part of a church containing the altar, sanctuary and sometimes the choir.


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