It's among the latest viral trends to sweep over social media and takes oddness to new heights. Called 'extreme phone pinching', it involves holding your mobile phone by pinching it between just a thumb and finger and dangling it over some perilous location whether that be a cliff, a drain, over the side of a tall building or even a toilet. The trend reportedly started back in July and apparently owes its origins to US musical duo Twenty One Pilots. But beware, taking part can come with a significant financial cost (iPhones aren't cheap!)

We love a theme park with a difference on StrangeSights and this new theme park, which is scheduled to open in China soon, certainly fits the bill. The 400 hectare park is reportedly devoted to British-themed teddy bears and will feature a teddy bear museum at its heart as well as a "Beefeater bear" foodcourt serving British food and a "Shakespeare theatre" featuring a cast of teddy bears. The park, located near Beijing, is a joint venture between The Great British Teddy Bear Company and Tenio Architectural Design.

Santa Claus is running for office in North Pole (well, where else?) The man, whose name actually has been changed to Santa Claus, is one of two candidates for North Pole City Council, the News Miner reports. North Pole is a suburb of the city of Fairbanks in eastern Alaska. The outcome of the election, at this stage, remains unknown.