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Study: Most Americans are spiritual but a growing number say they are not religious


United StatesRNS Americans have been abandoning organised religion in droves and while some have walked away from religion altogether, a distinct group of Americans now call themselves “spiritual but not religious”. A new Pew Research study puts their numbers at 22 per cent of Americans and attempts to describe them in greater detail. PICTURE: Marek Piwnicki/Unsplash The […]

Religion and spirituality can aid youth mental health crisis – US study

Graphic Religion and Young People Mental Health1

United StatesRNS Born into a tech-saturated world shaken by domestic terrorism, ecological devastation and economic instability, Gen-Zers are more likely to report mental health concerns like anxiety and depression than older generations. In many ways, the pandemic has forced mental health discourse into the limelight, prompting the US surgeon general to issue an advisory last December on COVID-19’s “devastating” […]

Complex truth


I read that in every Pixar movie the hero gets what they want, only to discover it’s not what they really need.  PICTURE: Mélanie THESE/Unsplash They must then go on an amazingly testing adventure to discover an emotionally complex truth. Woody gets rid of Buzz to become number one again, only to discover that a […]

People who are highly spiritual tend to be more civic-minded – US report

Spirtuality Fetzer study1

RNS People who identify as highly spiritual are more likely to say it’s important to make a difference in their communities and contribute to the greater good, a broad new study on American spirituality finds. The study, “What Does Spirituality Mean to Us?,” found that 86 per cent of Americans identify as spiritual to some […]

US Catholic school apologises after clip emerges of students mocking Native Americans


Washington, DCRNS A Catholic high school in the US state of Kentucky is apologising after videos surfaced of students dressed in the school’s garb confronting and mocking a group of Native Americans – including one man believed to be a Vietnam War veteran – in Washington, DC. Several clips of the encounter circulating on social media show […]