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I simply don’t get people who want to accept Jesus’ teachings as wonderful, but think belief in Jesus’ resurrection is woeful. Follow Him but don’t worship Him? PICTURE: artplus/iStockphoto. “Would you take investment advice from someone who went bankrupt?” Why would you take life advice from someone whose life was an abject failure? It doesn’t make sense. If Jesus’ […]

Sight-Seeing: Despair and hope in Holy Week

Jesus carrying the cross small

US Catholic commentator THOMAS REESE, in an article first published on Religion News Service, reflects on the “bad news” of Holy Week – and the ultimate hope we have in Christ…


Easter eggs2

I’m not sure who linked Easter with chocolate, but what a brilliant move. Easter eggs. PICTURE: Tim Gouw/Unsplash. Chocolate is said to stimulate the same chemical reaction in the brain as love! Easter is about love, but it’s a bit hard to see in the mess. A group, trapped in a never-ending cycle of cynicism […]