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Ireland church Jesus on the Cross

There’s something most of us fear more than death. Something we avoid at all costs. Something that makes our very souls shake: Shame. PICTURE: K Mitch Hodge/Unsplash Shame induces trauma in us. Those dark places we don’t want anyone to know about. Failure, divorce, abuse, addiction. How can we show our face again? How can […]

Dante’s ‘Inferno’

Italy Verona Dante Alighieri

Dante’s Inferno is a 14th century literary classic. In it, Dante tours the nine levels of hell. The deeper you get, the worse the sin and the worse the punishment. A statue of Dante Alighieri in Verona, Italy. PICTURE: Marcus Ganahl/Unsplash The early levels are for simply falling for temptation – lust, glutton, greed. Hell for […]

Redemptive community

Come as you are

I heard the story of a church in England who were doing great work in the community, connecting with the real down-and-out people. They were opening their doors for a mid-week service to the street workers and junkies. PICTURE: Jon Tyson/Unsplash One lady, let’s call her Sally, starting attending regularly. Through the help of the […]