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Water supply dwindling, Bolivians gather at dam to pray for rain

Indigenous people pray for rain near the Incachaca dam, in Incachaca, on the outskirts of La Paz, Bolivia, on 6th October, 2023

La Paz, BoliviaReuters Under a scorching sun, more than three hundred Bolivians on Friday marched to a dusty plain near the Incachaca dam that overlooks the city of La Paz, gathering to pray for rain and an end to a severe drought that has threatened their water supply. The 10 reservoirs that supply La Paz […]

Prayer is a beautiful thing


I know some atheists laugh at people of faith like me for praying – like there is any scientific evidence that prayers are answered on a cause and effect basis (there are some interesting studies on prayer, but that’s for another time). PICTURE: Jon Tyson/Unsplash But you know what – to sit in a community with […]

More Americans pray in their car than in a place of worship, survey finds

US - Skylight - How America connects to a higher power

United StatesRNS Despite reports of declining worship attendance and religious affiliation, six in 10 Americans say that they pray, a new survey reports. A higher percentage – 85 per cent – say they engage in a spiritual practice to connect with a higher power, whether prayer, meditation, mindfulness, reciting affirmations or spiritually based yoga. Prayer is the most […]