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Weird animals

If you study animals, humans really are odd. Our bodies and instincts mesh with the natural world, but our conscious thought, logic, morality, and love are bizarre. PICTURE: alice-photo/iStockphoto  It’s like something, or someone, dropped a conscious soul into our fleshly bodies. We have all sorts of weird theories to explain this – alien seeding, […]

In wake of disasters, Chile animal shelter offers hope to wildlife

'Refugio Animal' member Kendra Ivelic strokes a puma at the Exhibition and Environmental Education Center 'Refugio Animal Cascada' opening day, a rehabilitation place for wild animals who, due to the severity of their injuries, cannot be released and where visitors will be able to observe endemic animals, at San Alfonso area, in Santiago, Chile, in 12th July, 2023.

Santiago, ChileReuters In the misty forests just outside of Chile’s capital Santiago, a rescued puma stalks the leafy surroundings of the Refugio Animal Cascada, a shelter hoping to rehabilitate and house wildlife affected by the country’s natural disasters. The shelter, first opened two decades ago, has seen a host of new residents this year following […]

Rescuers race to save pets in submerged Ukraine city after dam collapse

Volunteers evacuate dogs, previously sedated, from a flooded area after the Nova Kakhovka dam breached, amid Russia's attack on Ukraine, in Kherson, Ukraine, on 7th June, 2023.

Kherson, Ukraine Reuters Rescue workers are scrambling to save thousands of animals trapped by floodwaters in the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson following the destruction of the vast Kakhovka dam some 60 kilometres upstream. Many dogs, cats and other pets are in peril after owners abandoned them when fleeing floodwaters unleashed by the collapse of […]

Huge chunk of plants, animals in US at risk of extinction – report

FILE PHOTO: A Venus flytrap is seen at the meat-eating plant exhibition Dejate Atrapar, in Bogota, Colombia July 19, 2018. REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez

Reuters A leading conservation research group found that 40 per cent of animals and 34 per cent of plants in the United States are at risk of extinction, while 41 per cent of ecosystems are facing collapse. Everything from crayfish and cacti to freshwater mussels and iconic American species such as the Venus flytrap are […]

Analysis – UN nature deal can help wildlife as long as countries deliver

Turkey sea turtle

Montreal, CanadaReuters A new conservation deal adopted this week at the UN summit in Montreal puts the world on a strong track to halt the rapid decline in nature – but only if wealthy nations deliver enough funding and all countries prioritise conservation.  Goals set out in the agreement, known as the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity […]

Pets returned to shelters in Hungary as owners face rising costs

Hungary Budapest Noahs Ark Animal Shelter

Budapest, HungaryReuters Chelsy, a soft-eyed dog with an immune illness, has been returned to a Hungarian animal shelter two years after he was adopted as his owners can no longer afford the vet’s bills or his food, forced to sell their own home to make ends meet.  Chelsy, four, is not alone. People turn up […]