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Indian police block roads to halt farmers marching to New Delhi

New Delhi, India Reuters Indian police on Monday blocked roads to halt farmers who were marching to New Delhi to press for the better crop prices promised to them in 2021 when thousands of growers camped out on major highways leading to the country’s capital. Some government ministers are expected to meet farm union leaders […]

Sudanese left in the dark by RSF-imposed telecoms blackout

Cairo, Egypt/Dubai, United Arab Emirates Reuters A communications network blackout in Sudan, blamed on the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, has hobbled aid deliveries and left the war-weary population of almost 50 million unable to make payments or contact the outside world. The RSF has been fighting Sudan’s army for control of the country since April […]

Hundreds attend funeral of family burned alive in Russian drone attack

Kharkiv, Ukraine Reuters Hundreds of mourners, many sobbing uncontrollably, gathered on Monday at the funeral of a family of five, including three small children, burned alive in a Russian drone attack in the north-eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. “Why did young children have to die?” Tetiana Putyatina wept before collapsing as she embraced the coffins […]

Finland should stay calm amid Trump NATO rhetoric, President-elect says

Helsinki, Finland Reuters Finland’s President-elect Alexander Stubb said on Monday his country should remain calm and focus on its NATO membership despite former US President Donald Trump’s recent critical comments on the military alliance. Trump, the front-runner to become the Republican candidate in November’s US presidential election, said last week he would not want to […]

Pakistan parties wrangle over premiership, vote rigging allegations rejected

Islamabad, Pakistan Reuters Pakistan’s two largest political parties were on Monday wrangling over who will be prime minister after an inconclusive election last week forced them to join forces and try to form a coalition in a parliament dominated by independents. The squabbling is likely to deepen concerns about the stability of the nation which […]


I simply don’t get people who want to accept Jesus’ teachings as wonderful, but think belief in Jesus’ resurrection is woeful. Follow Him but don’t worship Him? PICTURE: artplus/iStockphoto. “Would you take investment advice from someone who went bankrupt?” Why would you take life advice from someone whose life was an abject failure? It doesn’t make sense. If Jesus’ […]

South Africa to deploy 2,900 troops to fight armed groups in eastern Congo

Johannesburg, South Africa Reuters South Africa will send 2,900 troops as part of its contribution to the Southern African Development Community force deployed to tackle armed groups in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the President’s office said in a statement on Monday. Displaced Congolese people are reflected on a puddle, at the Muchacha primary school, […]