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12th April, 2024
Proportion of Myanmar's population who have secured steady incomes to live above the poverty line: Less than 25 per cent
Source: UNDP report
11th April, 2024
Number of Sudanese forced to flee their homes as a result of conflict since war erupted last April: More than 8.5 million
Source: UNHCR
10th April, 2024
Number of deaths, daily, worldwide due to viral hepatitis infections: 3,500
Source: WHO
9th March, 2024
Number of countries which recognise health as a human right in their constitution: At least 140
Source: World Health Day
8th April, 2024
Percentage of the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions which come from the production of food that is ultimately wasted: Eight to 10 per cent
Source: UNEP
5th April, 2024
Number of armed groups operating in Haiti: 150 to 200
Source: Expert and author Robert Muggah speaking to the UN
4th April, 2024
Number of aerial bombs, drones and missiles Russia fired into Ukraine in March, 2024: More than 3,000 guided aerial bombs, 600 drones and 400 missiles
Source: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy
3rd April, 2024
Likely rise in global waste by 2050: Up 70 per cent from current levels to 3.4 billion tonnes a year
Source: World Bank
2nd April, 2024
Rate by which maternal mortality is higher in Mali than in developed nations: Up to 35 times
Source: UNFPA
28th March, 2024
Percentage of the 2.2 million South Sudanese refugees living in neighbouring countries who are children: 65 per cent
Source: UNHCR
27th March, 2024
Proportion of migrant deaths, worldwide, in 2023 which were linked to drowning: Almost 60 per cent
Source: IOM
26th March, 2024
Number of Yemenis who need medical assistance: Almost 18 million (half are children)
Source: WHO
25th March, 2024
Proportion of deaths related to natural disasters which are attributed to water-related disasters in the 50 years to 2022: 70 per cent
Source: World Bank
22nd March, 2024
Percentage of buildings in the Gaza Strip which have been damaged or destroyed in the Israeli offensive according to satellite imagery: 35 per cent
Source: UNOSAT
21st March, 2024
Number of people forced to leave Belarus since May, 2020: Up to 300,000
Source: OHCHR
20th March, 2024
Amount criminal gangs are earning annually from forced labour: $US236 billion
Source: ILO
19th March, 2024
Number of 44 specific nuclear technology holding states which have yet to ratify the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons: Eight (China, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan and the United States - Russia, which had ratified the treaty, revoked this ratification last year)
Source: UN
18th March, 2024
Amount of rubble in Gaza as a result of the Israel-Hamas conflict: 23 million tonnes
Source: UNRWA
15th March, 2024
Number of women and girls globally predicted to live in extreme poverty in 2030 if current investment trends continue: More than 340 million
Source: UN Women
14th March, 2023
Number of people displaced from their homes but still living in their own country as a result of war, climate change or other emergencies: More than 70 million (a record high)
Source: Martin Griffiths, UN Humanitarian Affairs chief
13th March, 2024
Number of teachers displaced by the conflict in Ukraine: An estimated 43,000
Source: Government of Ukraine and the UN-backed Education Cannot Wait initiative
12th March, 2024
Proportion of central bank governors around the world who are men: Nine out of 10
Source: Antonio Guterres, UN
11th March, 2024
Size of the global trade in illicit pharmaceuticals: $US4.4 billion
Source: UN
8th March, 2024
Number of people, worldwide, without access to the internet: 2.6 billion
Source: ITU
7th March, 2024
Proportion of people in Sudan who can afford a full meal: One in 20
Source: WFP
6th March, 2024
Global military spending in 2022: $US2.24 trillion
Source: UN
5th March, 2023
Number of countries slated to hold national elections in 2024: More than 60
Source: UN
4th March, 2024
Estimated number of women killed by Israeli forces in Israel-Hamas conflict: 9,000
Source: UN Women
1st March, 2024
Proportion of the world's population who are classified as obese: At least one in eight
Source: WHO
29th February, 2024
Expected rise in demand for passenger air traffic this year, globally, compared to pre-COVID-19 levels in 2019: Up three per cent
Source: ICAO
28th February, 2024
Number of deaths, worldwide, which are attributable to non-communicable diseases: 75 per cent
Source: WHO
27th February, 2024
Increase in worldwide demand for lithium, a key energy transition mineral, between 2017 and 2022: Tripled
Source: UN
26th February, 2024
Number of Ukrainian soldiers killed since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine two years ago: 31,000
Source: Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskiy
23rd February, 2024
Number of Ukraine's population who have been displaced from their homes as a result of conflict: More than 14 million (almost a third of the population)
Source: IOM
22nd February, 2024
Number of births in Spain in 2023: 322,075 (dropping the birthrate to two per cent, the lowest level since 1941)
Source: Spanish National Statistics Institute (INE) via Reuters
21st February, 2024
Number of people displaced from the Democratic Republic of Congo town of Sake since fresh fighting erupted last week: Estimated 135,000
Source: UNHCR
20th February, 2024
Poverty rate in Argentina in January, 2024: 57.4 per cent
Source: Catholic University of Argentina data (via Reuters)
19th February, 2024
Economic contribution of tourism, globally, in 2021: $US1.9 trillion
Source: Global Tourism Resilience Day
16th February, 2024
Projected cost of reconstruction and recovery in Ukraine over the next decade: $US486 billion (up from $US411 billion a year ago)
Source: UN Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment
15th February, 2024
Proportion of the world's 700,000 hungriest people who are in Gaza: Four-fifths
Source: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres
13th February, 2024
Percentage of migratory fish species which are on the brink of extinction: 97 per cent
Source:  State of the World’s Migratory Species report
9th February, 2024
Number of people affected by flooding in Democratic Republic of Congo: More than two million
Source: UN
8th February, 2024
Number of UNRWA staff killed in the Israel-Hamas conflict: 152
Source: UNRWA
7th February, 2024
Number of deaths from cholera in 10 countries in eastern and southern Africa in the first four weeks of 2024: More than 700 (double the number for the same period last year)
Source: WHO
25th January, 2024
Number of opposition leaders and supporters arrested in lead-up to Bangladesh's recent election: Some 25,000
Source: UN experts
19th September, 2023

Number of people worldwide who lack basic health coverage: More than 4.5 billion
Source: World Health Organization-World Bank report.
18th September, 2023

Proportion of elderly people worldwide who have experienced some form of violence: One in six
Source: WHO
15th September, 2023

Number of reported weather, climate and water-related disasters, worldwide, between 1970 and 2021: More than 6,700 (up 20 per cent on 2021) Source: WMO report
14th September, 2023

Number of students and educators killed, injured, abducted or arrested in attacks on schools, globally, in 2022: More than 6,700 (up 20 per cent on 2021)
Source: Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack


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