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Brazil intercepts illegal flight over Indigenous land invaded by gold miners

Brasilia, Brazil Reuters The Brazilian Air Force said on Tuesday it fired warning shots at a plane and forced it to land for violating a no-fly ban over the Yanomami Indigenous reservation where illegal gold miners have been returning despite federal efforts to keep them away. Two bursts of machine gun fire were fired during […]

Brazil Indigenous group’s crisis persists after 308 deaths in 2023, report says

Brasilia, Brazil Reuters The Brazilian Government’s effort to evict illegal gold miners from the Yanomami Indigenous reservation in the northern Amazon has stalled with outsiders increasingly invading the vast territory, Yanomami leaders said on Friday. The Hutukara Yanomami Association released a report on the year since President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva declared a humanitarian […]

Brazil cracks down as wildcat miners in the Amazon shift their operations

An illegal gold dredge burns in Paruari river during an operation against illegal gold mining at the Urupadi National Forest Park in the Amazon rainforest, conducted by agents of the Chico Mendes environmental agency ICMBio with support of the Federal Police, the Federal Highway Police, Brazilian Intelligence Agency agents and Brazilian Public-Safety National Force officers, in the municipality of Maues, Amazonas state, Brazil, on 1st June, 2023

Sucunduri, Brazil Reuters Deep in the Amazon rainforest, Brazil is fighting destructive wildcat gold mining as it spreads from Indigenous lands into government-protected conservation areas. Federal Police have joined the government’s biodiversity conservation agency ICMBio on a series of recent operations to catch illegal gold miners and destroy their camps and equipment. An illegal gold […]