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Plumber’s find possibly tied to 2014 Texas megachurch theft

US Texas Lakewood Church

Houston, Texas, USAP For more than seven years, no-one has known what happened to $US600,000 in cheques and cash that was stolen from a safe at Pastor Joel Osteen’s Houston megachurch, which has one of the largest congregations in the country. Now, there’s a possible plot twist in the case: The money might never have […]

San Diego Catholic bishop calls border wall prototypes ‘grotesque’

Trump Wall

RNS San Diego Catholic Bishop Robert McElroy condemned the US Trump administration’s border wall effort this week, calling it “ineffective” and “grotesque” as the President visited the region to tour prototypes. President Donald Trump used his first visit to California since taking office to decry current fences along the US-Mexico border as  “inferior” – and […]



US columnist THOMAS REESE, in an article first published on Religion News Service, says Christians in the US should be leading the charge in support of the immigrants known as ‘Dreamers’…

Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico labels people investing in companies in involved in building Trump’s wall ‘traitors’

The Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico says that people who invest in companies involved in the building of US President Donald Trump’s wall should be considered “traitors to the homeland”. In a statement released in the archdiocese’s weekly publication, Desde la fe, titled ‘Treason against the Homeland’, the archdiocese reportedly said: “Any company intending to invest in […]

Trump border wall challenges America’s moral values: Catholic theologian

RNS President Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico raises serious questions about America’s moral standing as the poor would bear the brunt of the suffering, a leading Catholic theologian says. Rev Daniel G Groody, an associate professor of theology at Notre Dame University in Indiana, said the wall would lead to a loss of life […]