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Pope still working on meeting Russian Orthodox Patriarch

Pope Francis Papal plane

Aboard the papal plane AP Pope Francis said Sunday he was still working on arranging a meeting with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, despite that leader’s seeming justification for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and said he wouldn’t rule out travelling to the region if it would help. Speaking to reporters en route home […]

British volunteers uncover 80,000 kilometres in missing footpaths

England Cumbria fields

London, UKThomson Reuters Foundation Walking enthusiasts have uncovered nearly 80,000 kilometres of footpaths that are missing from official maps in England and Wales, putting them at risk of being lost forever, a charity said on Monday. The historic paths, which include a favourite walk described by writer Virginia Woolf in her diaries, were identified by […]

“Pavement wars” hit cities as COVID-19 distancing pits joggers against dogs

Jogger in London

London, UKThomson Reuters Foundation A stroll in the park has turned into a battle for space among residents of crowded urban areas, as rules on distancing from others to stop coronavirus spreading kick in. With lockdowns or restrictions on movement imposed in hundreds of cities, tempers are running short in crowded green spaces, with panting, […]