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Taiwan watches Vatican-China ties, says China violated deal on bishops

Taipei, Taiwan Reuters Taiwan is paying close attention to interactions between the Vatican and China, the island’s foreign ministry said on Wednesday, adding that China had “repeatedly violated” a 2018 agreement on the appointment of bishops. The Vatican, which only has formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan, would like to establish a permanent office in China, […]

Vatican investigation absolves Canadian cardinal in assault case

Vatican City AP A retired Canadian judge said Tuesday he couldn’t find any reliable evidence of sexual misconduct by the Archbishop of Quebec, after the purported victim refused to cooperate with his investigation and the cardinal strongly denied the claim. Pope Francis had tasked André Denis, a retired judge of the Superior Court of Québec, […]

Pope Francis to travel to Luxembourg and Belgium in September

Vatican City Reuters Pope Francis will travel to Luxembourg and Belgium in late September, the Vatican said on Monday, confirming another international trip for the increasingly frail but still very active 87-year-old pontiff. Francis’ health has taken a turn for the worse recently. He has used a cane or a wheelchair since 2022 to move […]

Vatican issues new norms to rein in supernatural phenomena

Vatican City RNS Weeping Madonnas, bleeding hosts and saintly apparitions will have to be approved by the Vatican’s doctrinal office, according to a new document issued by the same office on Friday, at a time when social media spreads reports of supernatural occurrences well beyond diocesan borders and away from church oversight. The new norms […]

Pope Francis to visit Turkey next year, Ecumenical Patriarch says

Lisbon, Portugal Reuters Pope Francis is planning to visit Turkey next year to mark the anniversary of the First Council of Nicaea, the spiritual head of the world’s Orthodox Christians said on Thursday. The early centuries of Christianity were marked by lively debate about how Jesus could be both God and man, and the church […]

Blocked last year for his views on sexuality, theologian gets green light to head academy

Vatican City RNS Nearly a year after the Vatican blocked an Italian theologian’s candidacy to become the dean of an influential German and Italian academy due to his progressive writings on sexuality and gender, the Vatican finally approved of his appointment without comment, according to the theologian. “The reasons why the decision was revised were […]

Pope starts countdown to Holy Year centred on theme of hope

Vatican City Reuters Pope Francis formally proclaimed on Thursday a Holy Year starting in late December, which will stress the need for hope in a world beset by hunger, poverty and war. One of the Roman Catholic Church’s most important events, the Holy Year, or Jubilee, usually takes place once every 25 years and is […]