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Gallup poll: More than half of Americans rarely go to church

United States RNS The most popular church in America might be St Mattress, followed by Bedside Baptist.  Those two – euphemisms for sleeping in on Sundays – increasingly describe the attitude of many Americans toward attending churches or other houses of worship. Mark Galli kneels in prayer before Mass at St Michael Catholic Church, on […]

Study: Most Americans are spiritual but a growing number say they are not religious


United StatesRNS Americans have been abandoning organised religion in droves and while some have walked away from religion altogether, a distinct group of Americans now call themselves “spiritual but not religious”. A new Pew Research study puts their numbers at 22 per cent of Americans and attempts to describe them in greater detail. PICTURE: Marek Piwnicki/Unsplash The […]

In the US, mainline clergy are more liberal than their congregants – survey

Senior Pastor Wolfgang Herz-Lane gives a Martin Luther toy to a child during a church service.

United States RNS A new US survey of mainline clergy finds those leading the historic denominations that once shaped the American Protestant scene are far more liberal than their congregants on a host of political and social issues. The Public Religion Research Institute survey of 3,066 mainline clergy, released on Thursday, shows that about half identify with […]

Left behind by disaffiliations, Texas town’s United Methodists charter a new church

US Texas Amarillo United Methodist Church

Amarillo, Texas, USRNS Earlier this year, the seven United Methodist churches in this city in the Texas Panhandle voted to leave the country’s second-largest Protestant denomination over theological questions about homosexuality and gender identity. Since 2019, in a process dragged out by the COVID-19 pandemic and denominational infighting, hundreds of churches across Texas – and […]