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Australian scientists develop model to spot soft corals most at risk of bleaching

Australia Great Barrier Reef

Sydney, AustraliaReuters Australian scientists have come up with a model that will help researchers quickly identify soft corals most vulnerable to bleaching from marine heatwaves, helping prioritise resources to preserve reefs.  Coral bleaching has struck many reefs around the world, including Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, which was hit by four mass bleaching events in the […]

Drying habitat makes Australia’s platypus vulnerable, scientists say

Australia Melbourne Zoo platypus

Sydney, AustraliaReuters Australian scientists pushed on Monday to list the platypus as a vulnerable species after a report showed the habitat of the semi-aquatic native mammal had shrunk more than a fifth in the last 30 years. Severe drought brought by climate change, land clearing for farming and dam-building are to blame, said researchers at […]