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Russia seizes Ukraine nuclear power plant as forces lay siege to cities

Ukraine Zhytomyr Ukranian soldier

Lviv/Kyiv, UkraineReuters Russian forces in Ukraine seized Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant on Friday in an assault that caused alarm around the world and that Washington said had risked catastrophe, although officials said later that the facility was now safe. Fighting also raged elsewhere in Ukraine as troops besieged and bombarded several cities in the […]

Fearing martial law or conscription, some Russians try to flee abroad

Russia Sheremetyevo International Airport planes

Moscow, RussiaReuters As Russian troops slowly advanced on Ukraine’s capital Kyiv on Thursday, some people back in Moscow were attempting to flee to destinations abroad that have not banned flights from Russia, stomaching soaring prices in the rush to escape. The Kremlin dismissed speculation that Russian authorities plan to introduce martial law following the invasion […]

Updated: Rockets kill 70 Ukrainian soldiers, huge Russian column approaches Kyiv

Ukraine Kyiv bullet ridden window

Updated: 7:30pm (AEDT)Kyiv, Ukraine/Moscow, RussiaReuters More than 70 Ukrainian servicemen were killed by a Russian rocket attack and dozens of civilians have died in “barbaric” shelling, Ukrainian authorities said on Tuesday, as a huge Russian military convoy approached the capital Kyiv. Fierce resistance on the ground has so far denied Russian President Vladimir Putin decisive […]