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Gaza children yearn for their school days before conflict

Gaza Reuters Traumatised 10-year-old students stare at their destroyed schools in Gaza, a grim reminder of the education and time with friends in the playground lost since the war erupted over six months ago. “We would go out during recess. We would go to the classroom and walk around. The principle would come to the […]

Nigeria defence chief says bad intel hinders fight on kidnappings

Lagos, Nigeria Reuters Nigeria’s Defence Chief General Chris Musa said on Monday the military was being fed bad intelligence by informants, hampering the fight against armed kidnapping gangs who continue to abduct students and residents in the north of the country. The military announced on Sunday that it had rescued 137 students abducted by gunmen […]

Nigerian army hunts for kidnapped students, parents seek answers

Kaduna, Nigeria Reuters Nigerian soldiers were on Monday hunting for armed kidnappers who seized nearly 300 school pupils in Kaduna state last week, a security source said, as distraught parents sought answers on when they would be reunited with their children. The source said the army’s Kaduna-based One Division was leading the operation and “will […]

“I forced her to go to school”, Nigerian mother cries after mass school abduction

Kaduna, Nigeria Reuters Seven-year-old Safiya Kuriga complained she was feeling feverish but her mother still made her attend class on Thursday. Within two hours, gunmen entered her school and kidnapped Safiya and some 300 other students in Nigeria’s northern Kaduna state. “I forced her to go to school that morning despite her complaining to me […]

Overworked and unheard, South Korean doctors on mass walkout say

Seoul, South Korea Reuters Ryu Ok Hada always wanted to help people, but now the South Korean trainee doctor has walked off the job and stands outside the hospital where he worked, holding his medical gown in his hand. Park Dan, who recently realised his childhood dream of being an emergency physician, is also one […]

North Korea teens get 12 years’ hard labour for watching K-pop – video shows

Seoul, South Korea Reuters Video footage released by an organisation that works with North Korean defectors shows North Korean authorities publicly sentencing two teenagers to 12 years’ hard labour for watching K-pop.  The footage, which shows the two 16-year-olds in Pyongyang convicted of watching South Korean movies and music videos, was released by the South […]

Sight-Seeing: The challenges of being a religious scientist

Scientists in a lab

In an article first published on The Conversation, CHRISTOPHER P SCHEITLE, author of ‘The Faithful Scientist: Experiences of Anti-Religious Bias in Scientific Training’, looks at what his research revealed about the difficulties religious scientists face…