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Noise pollution is harming sea life, needs to be prioritised, scientists say

Australia Great Barrier Reef 2019

Reuters Far beneath the ocean surface, a cacophony of industrial noise is disrupting marine animals’ ability to mate, feed and even evade predators, scientists warn. With rumbling ships, hammering oil drills and booming seismic survey blasts, humans have drastically altered the underwater soundscape – in some cases deafening or disorienting whales, dolphins and other marine […]


Musical notes

I’ve got my guitar with me again today. We’ve been talking about the need to stay in tune, not just in a band, but in your life – otherwise discord is the result. PICTURE: Marius Masalar/Unsplash. But have you ever wondered – where do the notes come from? We call them ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ – […]