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As US lockdowns lift, evictions loom for poorest city dwellers

US coronavirus housing protest

New York City, USThomson Reuters Foundation A torrent of evictions looms as US coronavirus lockdowns are lifted, putting millions of people, often in black communities, at risk of losing their homes, housing researchers and activists warned.  Many states have halted evictions since mid-March, as the novel coronavirus spread rapidly, but such provisions are scheduled to […]

Eviction bans to cash: Seven city initiatives to fight coronavirus housing crisis

Eviction notice 2009

London, UKThomson Reuters Foundation As cities go into lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus, officials from the United States to France are scrambling to protect homeowners and renters from homelessness. Staying home is the “front line defence” against the virus, the United Nations special rapporteur on housing Leilani Farha said, calling for urgent measures […]