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Azza Karam resigns as secretary general of Religions for Peace

The new Secretary-General of Religions for Peace, Dr. Azza Karam, on 23rd August, 2019.

RNS Religions for Peace, an international interfaith coalition that advocates for nonviolent solutions to the world’s conflicts, announced in a 16th June statement that Azza Karam, its secretary general since 2020, has resigned her position. Azza Karam on 23rd August, 2019. PICTURE: Christian Thiel/Religions for Peace The organisation’s executive committee noted in the statement its […]

Young people make their mark at Religions for Peace conference

Religions for Peace Imam Mohamed Magid

RNS The 2021 Religions for Peace conference, which closed on Thursday, will be remembered as the first hybrid meeting, with most observers looking in via internet as 130 participated in person. It was also the most youth-oriented gathering in the 51-year-old interfaith organisation’s history. Nearly a quarter of those who came to this year’s conference, […]

Haiti’s diverse faiths bolster it against waves of tragedy

Haiti Les Cayes cathedral

RNS Within hours of the earthquake that devastated Haiti’s Tiburon Peninsula in August, faith-based aid workers were on the scene, comforting victims and helping to pull survivors from the rubble, then providing food and water.  “The most important thing in a disaster can be human contact,” said Rev Clement Joseph, head of the state-founded Social […]

Hybrid Religions for Peace conference takes focus on climate, conflict, coronavirus

Germany Religions for Peace Conference of the World Council of Religious Leaders on Faith and Diplomacy1

RNS Religions for Peace, the international interfaith conference, began Monday, in a new hybrid format after a relatively low-key virtual meeting last year due to the coronavirus  pandemic. Most of the event’s 1,500 participants are watching from home this year, as some 125 faith leaders from at least 16 countries come together in person to […]

Interfaith group pledges to use religion’s influence to address climate change, poverty

Religions for Peace march

Lindau, GermanyRNS The international interfaith organisation Religions for Peace introduced its first-ever female and first-ever Muslim secretary-general at its World Assembly on Friday and unveiled a joint declaration in which attendees vowed to join forces to confront an array of the world’s most difficult problems. The final day of the 20th to 23rd August Religions […]

Outgoing Religions for Peace leader reflects on decades of interfaith cooperation

William Vendley

Lindau, GermanyRNS William Vendley, the outgoing head of Religions for Peace, said religions must learn to be “bilingual” in the future — becoming adept at addressing their own congregations while also speaking to the world around them. Vendley speaks from experience. He has led Religions for Peace, a global coalition of religions that acts as a […]

Woman chosen to lead Religions for Peace as others urge greater female visibility

Azza Karam1

Lindau, GermanyRNS On the same day that a prominent woman urged greater inclusion of female leaders in Religions for Peace, delegates to the 10th World Assembly of the interreligious global organisation elected their first woman secretary-general. On Wednesday, they chose Azza Karam, an expert who works with the United Nations on issues of religion and […]