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New Delhi races to open jammed flood gates as river surge halts India’s capital

Traffic moves through a flooded road, after a rise in the waters of river Yamuna due to heavy monsoon rains, in New Delhi, India, on 14th July, 2023

New Delhi, IndiaReuters New Delhi officials were racing to open some jammed flood gates at a barrage on the swollen river Yamuna on Friday to help drain out floodwater that has brought traffic to a standstill in parts of India’s capital and swamped historical monuments. The river’s levels were at their highest in 45 years […]

Farmer protests: India clamps down on free speech

India farmer protests The Caravan

SHEIKH SAALIQ and KRUTIKA PATHI, of Associated Press, report claims Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party has escalated a crackdown on free speech, detaining journalists and freezing Twitter accounts….

Protesting farmers return to camp after storming Indian fort

India New Delhi farmer protests

New Delhi, IndiaAP Leaders of a protest movement sought Wednesday to distance themselves from a day of violence when thousands of farmers stormed India’s historic Red Fort, the most dramatic moment in two months of demonstrations that have grown into a major challenge of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. Farmers demanding the repeal of new […]