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Sri Lanka protesters call for new government a day after clashes kill eight

Sri Lanka Colombo burnt bus

Colombo, Sri LankaReuters Protesters and a key trade group in Sri Lanka called for a new government to take control of the crisis-hit country on Tuesday while the President asked for calm following clashes that claimed eight lives and prompted his brother to quit as prime minister. Sri Lanka has been suffering its worst economic […]

Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister resigns, curfew imposed after clashes

Sri Lanka Colombo tear gas

Colombo, Sri Lanka Reuters Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister resigned on Monday to make way for a unity government that would try to find a way out of the country’s worst economic crisis in history, but protesters said they also wanted his brother to stand down as President. Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa’s resignation came hours after […]

Sri Lanka calls for $US1 billion debt restructure as crisis rages

Sri Lanka Colombo clashes with police

Colombo, Sri LankaReuters Sri Lanka must urgently seek funds from multilateral lenders and aim to restructure a debt payment due in July, its outgoing finance minister said on Thursday, pleading for political stability amid the country’s worst economic crisis in decades. The opposition and some partners of the ruling coalition rejected calls this week for […]