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Curbs on rights weaken Egypt’s climate talks, campaigners say

Egypt COP27 activists

Sharm el-Sheikh, EgyptReuters In a fenced-off area guarded by police on the fringe of the global climate summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, around 30 Egyptian youths stood in a neat line holding up placards and chanting “Save our Planet”. The small, muted protest took place in an area designated for demonstrations by summit host Egypt, where […]


Egypt Mubarak poster

In an article first published on The Conversation, JAMALI RAMAZAN KILINC, associate professor of political science at the University of Nebraska Omaha in the US, looks at the history of the fraught relationships between the Coptic Church and those in power in Egypt…

Series of fires in Egyptian churches “not a coincidence”, say Copts

Mass in burnt out church

World Watch Monitor Three Coptic churches in the Upper Egypt region were hit by fires in the last three weeks which, the Copts say, is “not a coincidence”. On Friday morning, 1st November, a fire started in an adjacent hall of the Mar-Girgis (St George) al-Gyoushi Church in the Shubra district of the capital Cairo; it was […]

Egypt’s human rights move dismissed as ploy to win back US aid

World Watch Monitor Efforts by the Egyptian government to improve its record on human rights are aimed primarily at persuading the US government to reinstate its generous aid package, Coptic activists have said. Last month Egypt announced it would set up 60 human-rights departments across the country to record complaints from citizens of rights violations. […]