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Analysis – UN nature deal can help wildlife as long as countries deliver

Turkey sea turtle

Montreal, CanadaReuters A new conservation deal adopted this week at the UN summit in Montreal puts the world on a strong track to halt the rapid decline in nature – but only if wealthy nations deliver enough funding and all countries prioritise conservation.  Goals set out in the agreement, known as the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity […]

COP15 reaches deal to halt decline in nature by 2030

Canada Montreal COP15 leadership

Montreal, CanadaReuters A United Nations summit approved on Monday a landmark global deal to protect nature and direct billions of dollars toward conservation but objections from key African nations, home to large tracts of tropical rainforest, held up its final passage. The Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, reflecting the joint leadership of China and Canada, is […]

Explainer – Why did past targets to protect nature fail over the last decade?

Japan Nagoya COP10

Montreal, Canada Reuters This month’s UN biodiversity talks in Montreal aim to hammer out a new, global agreement. But this isn’t the first time governments have tried to halt environmental loss through agreed targets.  In fact, many of the 24 conservation targets under discussion now aim to avoid past mistakes and improve on the world’s […]

Indigenous people seek stronger land rights at COP15 nature talks

Canada COP15 Elder Kanahsohon Kevin Deer

Montreal, CanadaReuters Negotiations on a deal to protect 30 per cent of the Earth by 2030 are woefully behind in addressing the concerns of native people, whose land holds the majority of the world’s remaining biodiversity, Indigenous advocates told Reuters at the UN nature summit in Montreal. Indigenous participation is seen as key to reaching […]

UN summit aims for global pact to protect nature

Galapagos hammerhead

Montreal, CanadaReuters Countries are gathering Tuesday for a key UN nature conference in Montreal, aiming to broker a new global agreement to protect what’s left of Earth’s wildlife and natural spaces. Negotiators hope that the two-week summit, known as COP15, yields a deal that ensures there is more “nature” – animals, plants, and healthy ecosystems […]

Nature needs $US384 billion annually by 2025, UN says

Austria Seefeld

New York, USReuters Investments into protecting and better managing the world’s ecosystems need to reach $US384 billion a year by 2025, more than double their current levels, to guard against the threats of climate change and loss of natural resources, the UN’s environment watchdog said on Thursday. The calculation will inform a biodiversity summit starting […]

Climate movement now “too loud to handle” for Trump and critics, Greta Thunberg says

Climate strike Canada

Montreal, Canada/The Hague, The NetherlandsReuters Teenage activist Greta Thunberg hit back at critics including US.President Donald Trump on Friday, saying their mockery of children shows her message has become “too loud to handle”. The 16-year-old Swede also told a huge Montreal rally that world leaders had disappointed young people with empty words and inadequate plans. […]