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Polish truckers start round-the-clock blockade of fourth Ukrainian border crossing

Ukrainian trucks are parked near the Poland-Ukraine border, near the village of Korczowa, Poland, on 19th November, 2023.

Warsaw, PolandReuters Polish truckers and farmers on Monday started a round-the-clock blockade of access to one of the busiest border crossings with Ukraine, extending a protest that has left over a thousand lorries stranded for days in queues that stretch for miles. The truckers, now blocking the Medyka crossing as well as three other border […]

Exhausted volunteers run low on supplies as Ukraine refugee crisis drags on

Poland Medyka Ukrainian refugees

Medyka/Boratyn, Poland Reuters Five weeks after the start of the fighting in Ukraine, Kamil Prusinowski and his small band of volunteers are exhausted at their refugee shelter over the border in Poland. Supplies, funding and energy are all running low, Prusinowski said in a room filled with children’s toys, stuffed animals and footballs in the […]

Eastern Europe under strain as Ukraine refugees keep coming

Poland Medyka Ukrainian refugees arrive

Medyka, Poland/Prague, Czech RepublicReuters Eastern Europe’s efforts to aid Ukrainians came under strain on Friday, with some cities running out of accommodation as the number of refugees passed 2.5 million and fighting in their homeland. Relief work in frontline states – Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Moldova – has mainly been shouldered by ordinary citizens […]

Thousands more Ukrainians flee across borders, many with nowhere to go

Poland Medyka Ukrainians

Przemsyl, Poland/Isaccea, Romania Reuters Thousands more Ukrainian refugees fled to central and eastern Europe on Wednesday, many with no contacts and nowhere to go, as host countries scrambled to accommodate them. The number of refugees has probably reached 2.1 to 2.2 million since Russia invaded Ukraine on 24th February, the head of the UN refugee […]

1.5 million refugees from Ukraine worst post-World War II crisis – UN

Poland Medyka Ukrainian refugee reunites with family

Medyka, Poland AP The Ukrainian father of two took off with a sprint when he saw the GPS coordinates from his wife’s cellphone draw nearer to the border crossing into Poland. Yevgen Chornomordenko had been waiting for 11 days on the Polish side of the border for his wife, Alina, and two children to arrive […]