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EU offers farmers aid, more land to grow due to Ukraine war

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen

Brussels, BelgiumReuters The European Union will distribute €500 million to help farmers and allow them to grow crops on fallow land to mitigate food price spikes and potential shortages resulting from Russia’s war in Ukraine. Published on Wednesday, the proposals by the EU’s executive European Commission also include assistance to Ukraine to help its farmers […]

Crop-munching armyworm could threaten millions of farmers in Asia, says UN

Fall Armyworm

Thomson Reuters Foundation A voracious crop-chomping pest which has wrought havoc in Africa could threaten millions of farmers in Asia, UN experts warned on Tuesday, as India battles the continent’s first reported infestation of fall armyworm. The pest – a moth which devours crops in the caterpillar stage of its lifecycle – prefers maize but […]