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From floods and fires to locusts, ‘climate breakdown’ cost rich and poor in 2020

Locust East Africa

Barcelona, SpainThomson Reuters Foundation Disasters fuelled by weather and climate extremes brought “catastrophic results for millions” across rich and poor nations in 2020, causing thousands of deaths and tens of billions of dollars in losses, charity Christian Aid said on Monday. In a report, the aid agency identified 15 of the most destructive climate disasters of […]

Church leaders in eastern Africa call for urgent action on devastating locust invasion

Locusts in Ethiopia

Church leaders in eastern Africa are calling for increased action against desert locusts which have terrorised the region since January this year. Like scenes from the Book of Exodus, huge swarms of the insects have descended on the region, destroying farmlands and animal pastures. The outbreak is affecting seven East African countries, where such a […]

Locust swarms in East Africa: here’s what you need to know

Thomson Reuters Foundation Massive swarms of desert locusts are invading east Africa, ravaging crops, decimating pasture and deepening a food crisis in a region where more than 25 million people are already hungry.    Here’s what you should know about desert locusts: What causes locust swarms?Desert locusts usually form swarms under heavy rains, creating a […]

Smart drones to be tested in battle against East African locust swarms

Ethiopia locusts

Nairobi, KenyaThomson Reuters Foundation The United Nations is to test drones equipped with mapping sensors and atomisers to spray pesticides in parts of east Africa battling an invasion of desert locusts that are ravaging crops and exacerbating a hunger crisis.  Hundreds of millions of the voracious insects have swept across Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya in […]