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Earth-sized alien planet gripped by widespread volcanism

An exoplanet called LP 791-18 d, an Earth-size world about 90 light-years away, is seen in an undated artist's rendering.

Washington DC, USReuters An Earth-sized planet orbiting a dim star in our galactic neighbourhood is offering some of the best evidence to date of volcanism beyond our solar system, with observations suggesting a rugged and rocky world tormented by constant eruptions. Scientists said on Wednesday the planet, the third detected orbiting this particular star, is […]

NASA launches first space probe to study Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids

US NASA Lucy spacecraft launch

Reuters NASA launched a first-of-its kind mission on Saturday to study Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids, two large clusters of space rocks that scientists believe are remnants of primordial material that formed the solar system’s outer planets. The space probe, dubbed Lucy and packed inside a special cargo capsule, lifted off on schedule from Cape Canaveral Air […]

Do you see what I see? Planetary alignment to create a ‘Christmas star’

Magi and the Star of Bethlehem

RNS A star, a star will dance in the night on 21st December. Actually, it won’t be a star, but the so-called “great conjunction” of two planets – Jupiter and Saturn – creating something similar to what some astronomers suggest the wise men may have seen in the biblical account of the birth of Jesus. PICTURE: Angeles […]