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Amazon’s Indigenous people urge Brazil to declare climate emergency as rivers dry up

A person on a boat navigates on Puraquequara Lake, which has been affected by drought, in Manaus, Brazil, on 6th October, 2023.

Manaus, BrazilReuters Indigenous inhabitants in the Amazon are asking the Brazilian Government to declare a climate emergency as their villages have no drinking water, food or medicine due to a severe drought that is drying up rivers vital for travel in the rainforest, their leaders said on Tuesday. The drought and heatwave has killed masses […]

Rio’s latest rock shelter damage highlights need for Aboriginal Voice, advocates say

A combination image shows the Nammuldi rock shelter before and after a mine blast by Rio Tinto in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, on 6th August, 2023

Melbourne, Australia Reuters Damage caused to an Aboriginal rock shelter by mining giant Rio Tinto in August underscores the need for better heritage protection laws and a greater say for Indigenous groups promised in this month’s Voice referendum, advocates say. Rio admitted on 21st September to damaging a rock shelter on 6th August in Western […]

Thousands in Australia rally for struggling Indigenous referendum

Sydney, AustraliaReuters Thousands rallied in Australia on Sunday to support recognising the country’s Indigenous people in the constitution, a proposal that is struggling ahead of a referendum next month.If approved on 14th October, the measure would enshrine Indigenous people in the constitution and set up an advisory body to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander […]

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Australia Canberra coat of arms

There’s an Irish proverb which says that if you’re going to cut Sean’s hair, make sure he’s in the room. A coat-of-arms on the Australian Parliament House. PICTURE: Marcus Reubenstein/Unsplash It seems that for too long our governments have made decisions about Indigenous people, without them being in the room, and we’ve wondered why they […]

Brazil’s Indigenous population double the size previously recorded – census

Brazil Indigenous1

Brasilia, BrazilReuters Brazil has 1.69 million Indigenous people, almost twice as many as previously acknowledged by the state, according to numbers announced on Monday by the national statistics agency IBGE from the 2022 census. In 2010, the IBGE had counted 896,917 Indigenous people. Vanderlecia Ortega dos Santos, or Vanda, from the Witoto Indigenous people, attends […]

Australia debates Indigenous referendum as pamphlets launched

Sydney, AustraliaReuters Parties on both sides of a debate on whether to constitutionally recognise Australia’s Indigenous people released their official pamphlets on Tuesday, which will start being delivered to letterboxes across the country. Australians will be asked to vote in a referendum later this year on whether they support altering the constitution to include a […]