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Was Mary Magdalene really from Magdala? Two scholars examine the evidence

Israel Migdal archaeological site

RNS The findings were heralded with bold headlines. Archaeologists excavating near the Israeli town of Migdal, also known as Magdala, had found remnants of a first-century synagogue. “2nd-Temple-period synagogue found where Gospel’s Mary Magdalene was born,” The Jerusalem Post’s 12th December headline declared. Newsweek, Express UK and the Smithsonian magazine followed up with similar headlines. The […]


Parking space disability

I have a friend from overseas. She’s amazed and humbled by the way Australia treats people with mental and physical disabilities. We value them. We seek to integrate them into our society. PICTURE: AbsolutVision/Unsplash In her home country having a child with a disability is seen as a curse from the gods. Many such children […]

How and why ‘The Chosen’ plans to film season two during a pandemic

The Chosen

Religion Unplugged Dallas Jenkins, showrunner for The Chosen, announced on a YouTube livestream recently that the show would be starting production on the second season this northern hemisphere autumn. This comes while the film industry is still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, and Hollywood film and TV productions are only now restarting in […]

Archaeologists uncover mosaic floor from 5th century church near Sea of Galilee

Israel Mosaic1

JerusalemRNS A fire that destroyed an ancient Holy Land church near the Sea of Galilee around 700 AD appears to have preserved the church’s beautiful mosaic floor, which includes depictions of baskets, loaves and fish as well as inscriptions. The floor was protected by a layer of ash and the remains of the church’s collapsed […]


June poster

Marking the release of Outreach Media’s June poster, MALCOLM WILLIAMS talks about his personal experience of how the Bible “read” him and taught him about Jesus…