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Is religion good for you? The answer is complicated, new global Gallup report finds

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United StatesRNS A new report from Gallup finds that religious people around the world report being more positive, have more social support, and are more involved in their communities than those who are not religious. The study, based on 10 years of data, also finds the well-being of religious people varies from country to country and is often hard […]

Americans’ belief in God is dropping – poll

US Gallup Americans belief in God

United StatesRNS Belief in God has been one of the strongest, most reliable markers of the persistence of American religiosity over the years. But a new Gallup Poll suggests that may be changing. In the latest Gallup Poll, belief in God dipped to 81 per cent, down six percentage points from 2017, and the lowest […]

Working from home during pandemic found widening US inequality

Coronavirus US NYC Food pantry

New York City, USThomson Reuters Foundation Longstanding inequalities in the US labour market have worsened amid the coronavirus pandemic with working from home fuelling the divide, according to a Gallup report released on Wednesday. Gallup surveyed more than 7,700 US adults in the final quarter of 2020, with the findings showing that pandemic-related job losses […]

Gallup: Fewer than half of Americans belong to a church or other house of worship

US church pews

RNS Ask Americans if they believe in God and most will say yes. But a growing number have lost faith in organised religion. For the first time since the late 1930s, fewer than half of Americans say they belong to a church, synagogue or mosque, according to a new report from Gallup. PICTURE: Andrew Seaman/Unsplash/Creative […]

One in three Americans found losing work, income due to coronavirus

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New York City, USThomson Reuters Foundation Almost one-third of Americans have lost work or income due to the coronavirus, especially low-income earners, by getting fired, laid off or having their hours cut, research showed on Monday. Gallup, a US-based polling company, found 30 per cent of adults in America – a nation with nearly 256 […]

Americans, Russians growing less satisfied with environmental efforts

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New York City, USThomson Reuters Foundation Americans and Russians have grown more dissatisfied with the way their governments address environmental issues in recent years, according to research released on Wednesday of the world’s biggest carbon dioxide emitters. Residents of China and Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, have become more proud of their countries’ environmental efforts, said the […]