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Police tape

Did you know that most crimes in Australia are trending down. Some of the few exceptions include youth crime, domestic violence and cybercrime. PICTURE: David von Diemar/Unsplash Cybercrime is booming because that’s where commerce is moving. It’s easier to sit at a computer and steal money than rob a bank. Cyber crime is annoying, but domestic […]

Fatal stabbings highlight violence against women in Egypt

Egypt Cairo street scene

Cairo, Egypt Reuters A series of violent crimes against women in Egypt has drawn attention to gaps in legal and social protections that leave female citizens vulnerable to attacks and harassment, victims and activists say.  The highest profile case was the murder in late June of 21-year-old student Nayera Ashraf, who was stabbed 19 times […]

Religious leaders in Australia still have a long way to go in supporting victims of family violence, research shows

Dr Ruth Powell

Melbourne, Australia A world-leading research organisation identifying church values has concluded religious leaders have a long way to go to meet community expectations around supporting victims of domestic and family violence.  The latest research from the National Church Life Survey concluded that two thirds of clergy and church leaders have dealt with domestic and family violence […]

European court urges Russia to tackle domestic violence

Moscow, RussiaAP A top European human rights court issued a ruling Tuesday urging Russia to introduce measures tackling domestic violence against women, which it said is happening on a “staggering scale” amid “systematic problems in securing prosecutions and convictions.”  The European Court of Human Rights ruled in a case that four Russian women filed after […]

Turkey formally quits treaty to prevent violence against women

Ankara, TurkeyReuters Turkey officially withdrew on Thursday from an international treaty to prevent violence against women, enacting a decision that drew condemnation from many Turks and Western allies when President Tayyip Erdogan announced it in March. Thousands were set to protest across Turkey, where a court appeal to halt the withdrawal was rejected this week. […]