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US campus ministries soothe, rally students shaken over Ukraine

US Yale University Thomas More Catholic Chapel

New Haven, ConnecticutAP Entering Yale University’s St Thomas More Catholic chapel, Oksana Goroshchuk spotted sunflowers adorning a candlelit altar and thought of the fields full of her country’s national blossom near her grandmother’s home in Ukraine. A mezzo-soprano launched into a traditional folk tune that Goroshchuk used to sing growing up, and the postdoctoral medical […]

More people, less water? Scientists see risks on upper Nile

LondonThomson Reuters Foundation Rapid population growth, combined with a hike in hot and dry years, is likely to dramatically increase the number of people suffering water scarcity on the upper River Nile, climate change scientists said last week. By 2030, demand for Nile water will exceed supply, and by 2080, almost two-thirds of people living […]