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More Australian sports back Indigenous constitutional recognition

Sydney, AustraliaReuters Twenty Australian sports organisations proclaimed on Friday their backing of a referendum to constitutionally recognise Indigenous people, as the country marked “Sorry Day” when it acknowledges years of injustices to Aboriginal people. Sports including cricket, golf, motorsport, netball and badminton pledged support for a proposed “Voice to Parliament”, a consultative committee that would […]

Swing for the grandstand

Cricket shot

Are you a ‘swing for the grandstand’ kind of person? PICTURE: Michael Weir/Unsplash That’s a person who puts in maximum effort whenever they do anything. That’s how I started life, and I’ve still got a bit of it in me. If I did something, I did it wholeheartedly, or not at all. That’s something I realised […]


Cricket game

Back when we were kids, we were tough.   PICTURE: Unsplash Me and my brothers used to go to the park and play cricket, with no pads or gloves – and a real cricket ball. My older brother used to declare that he got to bat first. Who could argue with an older brother? But […]


Cricket ball

At 14 I joined senior men’s cricket.   PICTURE: Alessandro Bogliano/Unsplash It was pretty intimidating at first, but I watched the boys. They used to bait each other in the nets. The batter claiming each shot went for four, the bowler, that any miss-hits resulted in a wicket! So second week I got into the […]



I was exploring faith one time with some youth when one of them piped up – things had been stirring in him – and said that “God is boring”!  (I would have once agreed with him.)   What’s more boring – God or cricket? PICTURE: Alessandro Bogliari/Unsplash Before I could answer, one of the others said, “This […]


The Ashes Urn

Aussie author David Bennett’s From Ashes to Glory tells the story of CT Studd, an English cricketer who played in the very first Ashes match – with WG Grace. He was even connected to the making of the Ashes Urn!   The Ashes Urn. PICTURE: danielgreef (licenced under CC BY 2.0) Soon afterwards CT Studd […]