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Abandoning community?

Numerous studies have begun to point out the seismic shift happening across Western society. It’s being noticed in all our once great cultural icons – Rotary, scouts, sporting groups and churches: the abandonment of community. PICTURE:Nilotpal Kalita/Unsplash That leaves me in a cold sweat. Westerners are abandoning community!? We are a human species, we only […]

New US Homeland Security guide aims to help houses of worship protect themselves

Hoboken Police officers stand watch outside the United Synagogue of Hoboken, on 3rd November, 2022, in Hoboken, New Jersey

Washington DC, US AP A new guide from the US Department of Homeland Security released Wednesday aims to help churches, synagogues, mosques and other houses of worship protect themselves at a time of heightened tensions in faith-based communities across the country. Hoboken Police officers stand watch outside the United Synagogue of Hoboken, on 3rd November, 2022, in […]

Churches aid families impacted by East African floods

Passengers wade through flood water after getting evacuated from a public transport bus, following heavy rains in Kisauni district of Mombasa, Kenya, on 17th November, 2023.

Nairobi, Kenya Hundreds of churches and humanitarian agencies in the East African nation are aiding families affected by major floods that have claimed 71 lives, displaced thousands of people, and uprooted thousands of homes, destroyed crops and other properties. The World Meteorological Organization has said in a recent report that the ongoing El Niño rains that started in early October are […]

Californian Governor signs laws to fast-track housing on church lands, streamline housing permitting process

California Governor Gavin Newsom announces a proposal to build 1,200 small homes across the state to reduce homelessness in Sacramento California, on 16th March, 2023

Sacramento, California, USAP Religious institutions and non-profit colleges in California will be allowed to turn their parking lots and other properties into low-income housing under a new law aimed at combating the ongoing homeless crisis. The law, signed by Governor Gavin Newsom last Wednesday, rezones land owned by non-profit colleges and religious institutions, such as churches, […]

Water supply dwindling, Bolivians gather at dam to pray for rain

Indigenous people pray for rain near the Incachaca dam, in Incachaca, on the outskirts of La Paz, Bolivia, on 6th October, 2023

La Paz, BoliviaReuters Under a scorching sun, more than three hundred Bolivians on Friday marched to a dusty plain near the Incachaca dam that overlooks the city of La Paz, gathering to pray for rain and an end to a severe drought that has threatened their water supply. The 10 reservoirs that supply La Paz […]