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Chaos of Gaza war forces Christians to bury dead in Muslim cemeteries

Gaza Reuters Too frightened to travel on dangerous roads that lead to their graveyards in Gaza, Palestinian Christians are lowering their loved ones into the ground in Muslim cemeteries amid the chaos of war between Israel and Hamas. “I’ve been working at this cemetery for almost 10 years and this is the first time in […]

Lebanon’s precarious sectarian balance tipping amid Hezbollah-Israeli war

Beirut, Lebanon Reuters As the Lebanese Christian village of Rmeish marks its first Easter since the Gaza war erupted, residents say a parallel confrontation between Hezbollah and Israel is dragging them into a conflict they did not choose. Like many Christians elsewhere in southern Lebanon, residents are angry and fearful their homes could be caught […]

Islamist Nigerian militants press attacks against Christians to foment religious war

Abuja, Nigeria RNS Islamist Fulani militants in the central Nigerian state of Plateau are continuing an anti-Christian killing spree that began with a devastating Christmas-time attack that left almost 200 Christians dead and hundreds others injured. On 18th February, six people were ambushed, with one killed and others injured, including a woman who was raped. […]

Abandoning community?

Numerous studies have begun to point out the seismic shift happening across Western society. It’s being noticed in all our once great cultural icons – Rotary, scouts, sporting groups and churches: the abandonment of community. PICTURE:Nilotpal Kalita/Unsplash That leaves me in a cold sweat. Westerners are abandoning community!? We are a human species, we only […]

Open Doors 2024 Watch List highlights persecution of sub-Saharan African Christians

United States RNS In its annual list detailing countries of concern when it comes to persecution against Christians, the watchdog organization Open Doors International highlighted outbreaks of violence against sub-Saharan African Christians, where 16.2 million were forced out of their homes at the end of 2022. The report, published at the beginning of every year, […]