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Vatican says states cannot force priests to violate seal of confession

Vatican CityReuters The Vatican on Monday reaffirmed Catholic teaching that priests cannot reveal what they learn in confession, in an apparent response to moves in Australia and elsewhere to force them to do so in cases of sexual abuse. A document from the Vatican’s Apostolic Penitentiary, which deals with issues of the sacrament of confession, […]

Slavery history still affects blacks, half of practicing Christians say in survey

Barna slavery graphic

RNS Fifty per cent of practicing Christians say the history of American slavery continues to significantly affect the African American community today, a Barna study shows. A slightly smaller percentage of the general population of US adults surveyed (46 per cent) agrees that, almost 400 years after slaves were brought to Jamestown, Virginia, there remains […]

CSW expresses “deep concern” over arrest of Christians in Eritrea

Religious freedom advocacy CSW has expressed “deep concern” after a number of people were arrested by Eritrean security officers at a church gathering in the country’s second largest city of Keren on Sunday. The UK-based organisation said those arrested at the gathering of Faith Missions Church members included pregnant women, children and at least one […]

New Christian in Algeria sentenced for “organising worship” in his home

A Christian father-of-two was given a suspended prison sentence and fined for holding worship at his house in north-west Algeria, reports Morning Star News. Prosecutors had sought a six-month prison sentence and a fine of 500,000 Algerian dinars ($US4,200) for the 35-year-old father in Mostaganem, a coastal town about 350 kilometres west of Algiers, for […]

New video captures sexist comments to women ministers – read by male counterparts

UMC video

RNS “I can’t concentrate on your sermon because you’re so pretty.” “You do a really good job. But I think Scripture is more meaningful if read with a male voice.” “I keep picturing you naked under your robe.”   For female ministers in the North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church, comments like these […]

Part of a Christian school torn down in eastern Uganda

Nairobi, KenyaMorning Star News One of two buildings of a Christian primary school in eastern Uganda was demolished after local Muslims who opposed it threatened “tough action,” sources said. The building containing three of Hope of Glory Primary School’s seven classrooms was destroyed before dawn on 2nd June in predominantly Muslim Kabuna village, Budaka District, […]