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Somali doctors open war-scarred nation’s only public blood bank

Somalia blood bank1

Mogadishu, SomaliaReuters When Somalia’s biggest bomb blast killed more than 500 people in 2017, Dr Ahmed Abdikadir Mohamed watched helplessly as many of the injured bled to death.  Exactly one year later, in October 2018, Mohamed opened Benadir Blood Service, Somalia’s first public blood bank since 1991.  Mohamed Abdi Hussein donates blood next to Rage […]

In COVID-19 hangover, as more around world get vaccinated, fewer give blood

Switzerland Lausanne giving blood

Seoul, South KoreaReuters From Seoul to Paris, and Moscow to Bangkok, concerned citizens are lining up for vaccine shots as COVID-19 case numbers swell. That may ease pressure on stretched hospitals around the world, but with it comes a hangover – a severe shortage of blood donors.  A number of countries don’t allow people who […]

Indian app seeks to save lives by matching blood donors with patients

Thomson Reuters Foundation Just a few units of blood could have saved the life of Sushil Lalwani’s cousin, who died in India aged 32 as relatives mounted a frantic search for donors. Now Mr Lalwani hopes to prevent more needless deaths like his cousin’s with a new phone app called MBLOOD that aims to connect […]