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In the US, Rev Al Sharpton delivers eulogy after police killing of Patrick Lyoya

US Grand Rapids Ben Crump

RNS Rev Al Sharpton reminded mourners that Black people are created in God’s image at the funeral of 26-year-old Patrick Lyoya in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Friday. “We were created in the image of God,” Sharpton said in his eulogy on 22nd April. “When you see us, you are seeing what God put together. And […]

In the US, Black pastors rally outside trial over Arbery’s killing

US Ahmaud Arbery trial pastors protest

Brunswick, Georgia, US AP Hundreds of pastors both rallied and prayed Thursday outside the trial of three white men charged in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, gathering in response to a defence lawyer’s bid to keep Black ministers out of the courtroom. As testimony resumed inside the Glynn County courthouse, with its four huge columns, […]

Sight-Seeing: Why today is the right time to protest

Harlem March 2005 2

Against the backdrop of widespread protests over the death of George Floyd and racism in the US, Sight contributor CHRISTOPHER GILBERT reflects on his own experience while living in the US in the late 1990s and early 2000s…

Black men more religious than whites in US, research shows

BlackMen Religious

RNS Historically, women tend to be the stalwarts when it comes to religion, while men attend religious services less often and are less likely to say their faith is very important to them. But a new analysis shows that black men defy this trend. A study by the Pew Research Center released Wednesday has found that while black men […]