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Israel releases film of women soldiers being taken by Hamas on 7th October

Jerusalem Reuters Israeli television aired previously withheld footage on Wednesday of five pyjama-clad female army conscripts being seized by Hamas gunmen during the 7th October raid that triggered the Gaza war. The captives’ families hoped the footage would increase pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to agree a truce with Hamas and secure the hostages’ […]

Ireland, Spain, Norway announce recognition of Palestinian state, angering Israel

Dublin, Ireland/Oslo, Norway/Madrid, Spain Reuters Ireland, Spain and Norway announced on Wednesday that they would recognise a Palestinian state on 28th May, prompting an angry response from Israel which said this amounted to a “reward for terrorism” and recalled its ambassadors from the three capitals. Dublin, Madrid and Oslo painted the decision as a move […]

Israel urges “civilised nations” to spurn arrest warrants for its leaders

Jerusalem Reuters Israel on Tuesday urged “nations of the civilised world” to oppose the International Criminal Court prosecutor’s request for arrest warrants against its leaders, and to declare they would ignore the warrants. Defence Minister Yoav Gallant, who along with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was named in Monday’s announcement at The Hague, called it a […]

ICC prosecutor seeks arrest warrants for Israel’s Netanyahu and Hamas leaders

The Hague, The Netherlands Reuters The International Criminal Court’s prosecutor said on Monday he had requested arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his defence chief and three Hamas leaders over alleged war crimes. ICC prosecutor Karim Khan said in a statement issued after more than seven months of war in Gaza that he […]

Israel launches strikes across Gaza as US envoy meets Netanyahu

Cairo, Egypt/Jerusalem Reuters Israeli planes and tanks pounded areas across the Gaza Strip, residents said, as White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday amid US calls for a more focused military campaign. Sullivan was expected to press for Israel to go after Hamas militants in a targeted […]

Israel pushes further into parts of north Gaza; new cracks in Netanyahu coalition

Cairo, Egypt/Jerusalem Reuters Israeli troops and tanks pushed on Saturday into parts of a congested northern Gaza Strip district that they had previously skirted in the more than seven-month-old war, killing and wounding dozens of Palestinians, medics and residents said. Israel’s forces also took over some ground in Rafah, a southern city by the Egyptian […]

Gaza fighting intensifies, Israel asks why armed men were at UN site

Cairo, Egypt/Jerusalem Reuters Israeli troops battled militants across Gaza on Wednesday, including in the southern city of Rafah that had been a refuge for civilians, in an upsurge of the more than seven-month-old war that has killed tens of thousands of Palestinians. Antagonism between Israel and the United Nations worsened as the Israeli army sought […]

Explainer – Gaza death toll: how many Palestinians has Israel’s campaign killed?

Reuters Palestinian health authorities say Israel’s ground and air campaign in Gaza has killed more than 35,000 people, mostly civilians, and driven most of the enclave’s 2.3 million people from their homes. The war began on 7th October when Hamas militants stormed across the border into Israeli communities. Israel says the militants killed more than […]

Protesters return to streets across Israel, demanding hostage release

Tel Aviv, Israel Reuters Thousands of Israelis took to the streets on Saturday demanding that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government do more to secure the release of hostages being held in the Gaza Strip by Islamist group Hamas. Family members of the hostages, carrying pictures of their loved ones still in captivity, joined the crowds […]