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What’s on US pastors’ minds? It’s not religious liberty: New study

Barna Pastors Concerns 2020

RNS What’s on pastors’ minds? It may not be what you think, according to a report released last week by Barna Group. A new survey by the California-based Christian research firm found that Protestant pastors are worried less about hot topics like religious liberty than they are about the decline of religion in America. The report is […]

US lapsed and non-Christians open to talking about faith with the non-judgemental but don’t see such a trait in Christians they know, research finds

Most lapsed and non-Christians say they would be open to talking about faith matters with someone who listens without judgement – but only 34 per cent say they see this trait in Christians they know personally, according to Barna Group research. The research, contained in a recent report, Reviving Evangelism, which the US-based organisation produced in […]

Americans tend to pray alone and silently, poll finds

Americans tend to pray on their own and silently, according to a new poll. The Barna survey of more than 1,000 adults in the US, most of whom identified as Christians or past Christians, found that 79 per cent of respondants said they had prayed at least once in the three months prior to June. Of those […]

Two thirds of US Christians experience spiritual doubt, says poll

Barna SpiritualDoubt charts v4

GRAPHIC: Barna Group. About two-thirds of US Christians have experienced a time of spiritual doubt during which they have questioned what they believed about religion or God, according to new data from the Barna Group. Based on a poll of 888 people self-identified as Christians or past Christians taken in early June, the survey found 26 […]

In the US, north-east cities rate most secular

Post Christian

RNS ‘Top 10 Most Post-Christian Cities in America’. GRAPHIC: Barna Residents of Portland and Auburn, Maine, aren’t just living in the far Northeast. They’re in the most “post-Christian” part of the country. So says Barna Group, a California-based firm that conducts research for businesses and Christian institutions. Researchers opted for a different way of measuring […]