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Quake-hit Azores island could have eruption like La Palma, volcano experts warn

Azores Pico island

Sao Jorge, PortugalReuters Volcano experts warned on Tuesday that the earthquake-hit island of Sao Jorge in Portugal’s Azores archipelago could experience an initial eruption similar to Spain’s La Palma last year, which destroyed thousands of properties and crops over 85 days. The lush mid-Atlantic island has been rattled by more than 20,000 small earthquakes in […]

Volcanologists seek answers as island in Portugal’s Azores keeps shaking

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Sao Jorge, PortugalReuters Fatima Viveiros was a little girl when she decided to become a volcanologist. It was a dream come true and now, at age 44, she is putting her skills to use to protect her home in Portugal’s Azores islands.  The lush mid-Atlantic volcanic island of Sao Jorge, where she grew up, has […]

More than 1,000 small earthquakes hit Portuguese volcanic island

Azores Sao Jorge island seismic activity

Lisbon, PortugalReuters Around 1,100 small earthquakes have rattled one of Portugal’s mid-Atlantic volcanic islands in less than 48 hours, prompting authorities to activate an emergency plan as experts assess what they have described as a “seismic crisis”. Rui Marques, head of the Azores archipelago’s seismo-volcanic surveillance centre CIVISA, told Reuters on Monday the earthquakes, with […]