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Some Anglican bishops reject leader Welby over gay marriage

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby delivers his speech at a interreligious meeting, in Rome on Oct 6, 2021.

London, UKAP Several Anglican bishops from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific said Monday that they no longer recognize Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby as their leader, deepening a rift within the global Anglican Communion over gay marriage. Some bishops who belong to the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches said they no longer consider Welby […]

UK Government commits £12 million to championing religious freedom

World Watch Monitor The UK Government has committed £12 million to championing freedom of religion of belief worldwide. The UK’s Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion or Belief, Lord Tariq Ahmad, said the money “will go a long way in bolstering the work of civil society and NGOs to promote respect, and the value of religious diversity […]

Seventeen people sentenced to death for Coptic church bomb attacks in Egypt

Alexandria bombing

World Watch Monitor Egypt’s military court has handed death sentences to 17 people accused of bomb attacks on Coptic churches in 2016 and 2017, the BBC reports. The 17 people sentenced to death in Egypt were involved in bomb attacks on Coptic churches in Cairo, Alexandria and Tanta in 2016 and 2017. PICTURE: World Watch Monitor. […]

Suicide attack on Coptic church foiled in Egypt

World Watch Monitor A suicide attack on a Coptic church in north Cairo, Egypt, was thwarted on Saturday, 12th August, reports Coptic news site Watani. A man wearing a suicide vest detonated the bomb about 250 metres from the Church of the Holy Virgin in the Mostorod district. He was killed instantly, as was a member of the public, […]

Coptic cathedral in Egypt reopens eight months after Palm Sunday bombing

World Watch Monitor A Coptic cathedral has been restored and reopened eight months after a suicide bombing there on Palm Sunday killed 28 and injured 74 others. St George’s Cathedral in Tanta, the capital of the Gharbia governorate north of Cairo, has been renamed the Cathedral of St George and the Martyrs, and its blood-splattered pillars […]

Copt’s forgiveness of husband’s killer stuns broadcaster

World Watch Monitor A woman whose husband died intercepting one of the suicide bombers who attacked churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday has told Egyptian TV she completely forgives his killer, causing the news anchor to exclaim that Copts “are made from a different substance”. Naseem Faheem, the guard at St Mark’s Cathedral in Alexandria, Egypt, was […]