Album: No Longer My Own
Artist: Cheri Keaggy
Year: 2015
Label: Psalm 91 Records and Elevate Entertainment

In A Word: Drenching

No Longer My Own is the latest in a long list of quality releases by adult contemporary artist Cheri Keaggy. Dare I say it, she is now pushing into ‘veteran’ territory – but there is nothing bad about that especially when the new stuff is as good, if not better, than the old! The velvety alto vocal and piano-based melodies ooze the maturity we have come to expect from Keaggy.

Self-produced, No Longer My Own hits a lot of ‘pop’ notes with a bit of Gospel (Lead Me To Your Love), and even a peppy touch with Lucky To Be Breathing Your Air.

Seeking to "embolden fellow sojourners of the faith to live more fearlessly for Christ", No Longer My Own is all about a willingness to surrender fully into the arms of Jesus whatever the joys and pains life brings our way. 

This album is a ministry of hope and healing. This might contain the most angst-ridden lyrics I’ve written to date, but it’s real it’s authentic and it points to God,” explains KeaggyThis is most poignantly expressed in the challenging, honest lyrics of Be My Sabbath: “I need to die for a day, I just need a break, for I’m not a machine, can’t keep going and going without a reprieve. I can’t do it anymore I’m empty. Be my source, be my Sabbath”.

This contrasts delightfully with the joyful ukulele in Whatever Is True (Phil 4:8) – with its 'life can be tough, but it is also a joy ' message, this song could be the classic soundtrack to a health insurance advertisement!

The album closes with The Giving Song, a new melody to the hymn He Giveth More Grace, which includes a very nicely placed surprise in the middle, both musically and theologically!

No Longer My Own is will be enjoyed by fans of artists such as Amy Grant, Carole King or Point of Grace.