John Schlitt

In a Word: Seasoned

John Schlitt Go


"The constant over the whole album is a passionate, exuberant performance that holds nothing back."

Veteran rock vocalist John Schlitt has a career that has spanned nearly 50 years. Best known as the lead vocalist of Petra for more than 30 years, he earned numerous grammy awards and has been inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. With his new album, Go, Schlitt has assembled a team of A-list Nashville musical talent to create an energetic, rock experience.

John Schlitt’s signature grit and gravel vocals are placed front and centre in this 11 track album. In some tracks, his voice will be wailing amidst thundering drums and intense guitars and at other times he embraces a more intimate acoustic approach. The constant over the whole album is a passionate, exuberant performance that holds nothing back.

The melodic hooks of the album harken back to the rock sensibilities of the 80s and 90s. Strong guitar riffs break out into virtuoso solos while thudding drums work in tandem with the driving guitars to get feet stomping and heads shaking to the beat. There is the occasional acoustic moment in songs like Fighting The Fight and Find A Way.  The album mixes it up further with the Motown-inspired Where Would I Be. However, it is songs like Feel It, Takin' It Higher and Fake News that define the tone of the album with a strutting hard rock and a stadium-filling sound.

The lyrics are, by and large spiritual direct, with lyrics that are designed to encourage, uplift and motivate. The title of the the album, Go, communicates exactly what Schlitt is trying to impart. In his own words: "As Christians, we have been sitting around for too long," Schlitt declares. "We are blessed, but with blessings come responsibility. What is God calling you to do? Do it!"

As a veteran of the industry with dozens of albums, awards and accolades, Schlitt is certainly practicing what he is preaching and age does not appear to have slowed him down. If anything, his experience has seasoned this album with passion, authority and just a dash of nostalgia.