The makers of a new graphic novel version of the Bible are offering people the chance to download the Christmas story for free.

The Christ

FREE DOWNLOAD: Cover of The Christ: Vol 1.

The Kingstone Bible - which, at 2,000 pages, claims to be the longest non-serialised graphic novel ever released - has been created drawing on the talents of more than 45 artists including some who have previously worked for Marvel and DC Comics as well as writers such as author Randy Alcorn. The work contains illustrated versions of all 66 books of the Bible in more than 10,000 art panels.

The Bible's publishers, Kingstone, are offering people the chance to download the Bible's verion of the Christmas story for free in the lead-up to 25th December. The Christ: Vol 1 has been written by Ben Avery and illustrated by award-winning artist Sergio Cariello.

Art Ayris, Kingstone Comics founder, said that for many Generation Xers, "A Charlie Brown Christmas was probably their first introduction to the Biblical account of Christ's birth". 

"In the same way, our hope is that teens, millenials, and graphic novel fans of all ages will discover the real meaning of Christmas through The Kingstone Bible."

Sales of graphic novels topped $US1 billion in the US last year but Kingstone say it remains a "largely untapped" opportunity for helping Millenials engage with Scripture. They cite statistics showing that in 2015, 32 per cent of teenagers in the US said they never read the Bible and 38 per cent said they did less than once a year or never, but that 53 per cent said they wished they read the Bible more often.

To receive the free download, head to Kingstone Comics.