15th August, 2013

Christian Television Australia has announced plans to crowdsource some of the funding for its 2013 Christmas special.

The organisation has already commissioned Christian Multimedia to create a program which its hoped will air on the Seven Network.

"They have come up with a great concept called A Wise Man? which explores the events of the first Christmas from the perspective of one of the Wise Men. It will be in the style of Australian Story," said Martin Johnson, chief executive of CTA, noting that the story will have modern settings.

A Wise Man? will follow the story of the fictitious Abe Collins - a respected professor of Astrophysics at Oxford University and a Nobel Prize winner - who discovers a new star or comet and then sets out with two colleagues to plot its course, making a "startling discovery" as a result.

Funds for the project are being raised via the Pozible website which allows people to financially support a particular project - in this case the creation of the Christmas program. The Pozible website shows a target of $15,000 by 16th September.

Producer Phil Smith says that while not everyone can make a television program, "here's a chance for anyone at all to contribute and make a difference."

~ www.pozible.com/awisemantv
~ www.christiantelevision.org.au