When I went to school, computers were new. We were still handing in hand written essays. We were told, if you want a job, study computing. So I did!

Talking with people in the office

PICTURE: Dylan Gillis/Unsplash.

Talking to ParentTV’s Samantha Jockel, she was reflecting on the future job market.

Her observation was that in the future it’s not technology, but people skills that will be wanted.

Everyone grows up with a smart phone stuck to their face now, so everyone is technologically literate. But how many people spend good amounts of time around other human beings learning people skills?

That is where the future workplace will have a shortage, people who know how to work well with others. Organise them, motivate them, lead them, communicate with them.

How are you helping your kids develop skills other than clicking and swiping? 

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