Family violence has hit the headlines and quite rightly. No woman or man should feel in danger in their own home.

Violence against women1

PICTURE: Melanie Wasser/Unsplash

There are some who hide behind the Biblical notion of male headship for such violence. This is a travesty.

Christians, let's be clear: the Bible never justifies hitting or controlling your wife. The Biblical idea of male headship is the opposite, the cure for domestic violence.

When the Bible talks about the husband's role the key word is love, and the profound example is Jesus. Jesus, gave up His life for His 'wife', the church! 

Biblically speaking, a husband is supposed to sacrifice, give in, put the needs of his wife first to show he is a man! Real men bear the pain of a relationship, not inflict it.

If you’re a man or woman bossing your partner around, seek help.

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